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Natural Raw Honey

Madagascar’s rich biodiversity creates an incredible range of pure tropical honey.  That’s why here at Bemarivo Vanilla Madagascar, our selection of natural honey showcases the divine flavor of Madagascar’s legendary native flora, including Macaranga, Litchi, Baobab, and Niaouli.  Learn more about our products by contacting us directly. 

Our Honey Selection

Our 100% pure natural honey is collected from select Malagasy beehives and processed in a clean and safe facility that complies with the bio provisions of the European Union Regulations (EC Reg.834/07 and EC Reg.889/08).

Pallisander Honey

Polyflower Honey

Jujube Honey

Macaranga Honey

Litchee Honey

Baobab Honey

Niaouli Honey

Benefits of Our Honey

  • 100% Organic
  • Single Origin and Cold Extracted
  • Lab-Tested and Analysed to Guarantee the Highest Quality
  • Processed in Clean and Safe Facilities
  • Free From Any Detectable Chemicals, Antibiotic Residues, and Admixtures

Discover our natural honey paired with exotic spices for a unique taste.

Vanilla Flavored Honey

Cinnamon Flavored Honey

Chilli Flavored Honey

Why Choose Our Products?

They Are Not Microfiltered

Our honey is strained and filtered only to remove foreign substances, such as insect fragments, comb wax, etc.

They Are Non-industrial

Our products do not undergo industrial processes, such as pasteurization, microfiltration, etc.

They Do Not Contain the Following

Our items are free from pesticides, herbicides, or pollutants.

They Are Lab-Tested and Analysed

Every single drop of our honey undergoes extensive testing and is handled with maximum care to ensure the product is as healthy as nature intended.
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