Bemarivo Vanilla Madagascar 

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Natural Raw Honey

We take pride in offering the best honey in the world.

Madagascar’s rich biodiversity creates an incredible range of 100% pure tropical honeys. Our natural honey range showcase the divine flavor of Madagascar’s legendary native flora including , Macaranga, Litchi, Baoba, and Niaouli. Every single drop of our honey undergoes extensive testing and is handled with maximum care to ensure the finished product is as healthy as nature intended. 

Natural Raw Honey 

Pure Raw Palisander Honey

Palisander Honey

Palisander honey is collected from selected beehives in the Sofia region of Madagascar.  This light brown honey does not crystalize and offers a rich and sweet flavor with an elegant floral aftertaste. This can be a great honey to add to your tea, over hot breakfast pancakes, biscuits or waffles for a taste you will never forget!

Pure Raw Polyfloral Honey

Polyfloral Honey

This honey has a distinctive flavor with a delicate flowery scent to suit all palates. Made up of Madagascar’s unique flora, one teaspoon of polyfloral honey per day with your diet will ensure you get a healthy dose of energy, vitamins, and minerals each day.

Pure Raw Jujube Honey

Jujube Honey

This rare honey is harvested in the Northwest of Madagascar.  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and organics acids, with a liquid texture and taste slightly caramelized with a touch of creamy vanilla and salted butter.  This honey is great for desserts or drinks and perfect accompaniment to many dishes.

Pure Raw Litchi Honey

Litchi Honey

This exotic monofloral honey is produced in the regions of Manakara and Mananjara located in the southern part of Madagascar. It has a very delicate and light flavor with a gentle rose accent. This honey is an excellent all around and its creamy and light flavor make it a great addition to breakfast.  It can be drizzled over cheese, used as a sweetener for tea and/or used for baking purposes.

You will find Litchi honey more creamy in taste due to its above average tendency to crystallize.

Pure Raw Macaranga Honey

Macaranga Honey

This honey from an endemic (mokarana) tree that grows only in the South and Southeast regions of Madagascar.  This liquid dark brown honey has multiple and complex flavors scented with fresh citrus and plum notes, act as an anti-inflammatory and is recognized for its relaxing and soothing properties. It can be a good choice for diabetics because it has a high concentration of fructose and a low sucrose level.

Pure  Raw Niaouli Honey

Niaouli Honey

Niaouli honey is one of the most delicious and healthy honeys produced in the world.  The color of this honey varies from yellow to dark brown or hazelnut and is very flagrant with a hint of herbal flavor and sweet almond.  It is recognized as an antiseptic, antiviral, skin disinfectant, fungicide and is a popular honey when it comes to reducing headaches and colds.